Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Syirah Jusni


Abah – Telemovie
Atas Height 2

Sahabat ( 3G Karma)

Getaran Cinta ~ Suria’s Hari Raya drama
Point of Entry season 1

Variety / Special Program, Projects

Zoom Japan

Pesta Perdana 11 (Roving Host)
Jangan Betulkan TV Anda
Personality Zoom, Guest Artiste, Ria 897
Suria Calendar 2011

Sinar Lebaran (Eaglevision)
Fiesta Raya (Eaglevision)
Anugerah Hari Raya (Eaglevision)
Sinaran Hati (Eaglevision)
Kecoh (Dua M)
Fiesta Komedi
Mediacorp Festival
Mediacorp Family Day 2010
Raya Fiesta (Shangri-la)
Project Hope

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Released of “Tiba Tiba Cinta” a collaboration with Izwan Pillus (Malaysian Artiste) - 2011
Released of “Super Girl” Single (2010)
Cover of Wedding Lifestyle Magazine (January 2010 Issue)
National Cervical Cancer Campaign Single with B8 (2009)
Special Programme

President’s Star Charity 2011
Fiesta Suria 10th Anniversary
Suria Elektra
Jus, Raya Akustika
Mediacorp Festival
Viva Muzik Singapura
Mendaki Appreciation Tea
“Live our Voices” a song collaration with various Malay and Indian Artiste
AFA Keluarga Tiage (Bukit Panjang)
Jeffery Chung Models 20th Anniversary
Healthy Family & Harmonious Community Carnival (AFA-AMK GRC)
Mediacorp Family Day
Special Appearance at Hani Brown Halloween
International Women Week Singapore
SCDF Hari Raya
AFA Laugh Live Love
AFA Keluarga Tiage (Hougang)
Annual Dinner & Dance of Viriya Community Services
Wedding Lifestyle
Mr Pakar Malay Drama Sountrack
Yok Balik Kampong with Eastpoint
National Cervical Cancer Press Conference, Manja Tandung Sahur

Guest Artistes for “Kem Obor” by SPH for the youth

List of Artistes under AMU (Singapore)

Fauzie Laily - Hosting, Singing, Acting
Shahril Kahar - Hosting, Acting
Wawan - Singing
Zan Sofyan - Hosting, Acting
Shabir - Hosting, Singing, Acting
Ebi Shankara - Hosting, Singing, Acting
Khairuddin Samsudin - Hosting, Acting, Directing
Viknesh - "Mr V" 2009 - Hosting, Acting
Danial Asriq -Hosting, Acting
Jafny - Singing, Acting, Dance
Useriman - Singing, Acting
Komrad - DUO, J boy & Fariq - Singing

Nurul Aini - Hosting, Acting
Sarah Aqilah - Singing, Acting
Huda Ali - Hosting, Acting
Syirah Jusni - Hosting, Acting
Diana Amran - Hosting, Acting
Rahayu Ridwan - Singing, Acting
Shikin Imran - Singing, Acting
Erlina Maulood -Singing
Maiya Rahman - Hosting, Singing, Acting
Indra Chandran - Hosting, Acting
Vimala - Hosting, Acting
Suthasini - Vasantham Star 2011 -Singing
Kim Wakerman - Hosting, Acting
Mastura Ahmad - Hosting, Acting
Era Farida - Hosting, Acting

Norfasarie - Hosting, Singing, Acting
Akhmar - Hosting, Acting

EVE - trio girl group (Asilah Osmera, Yanie Hassan & Evie Roslan) -Singing

From Malaysia
Reshmonu - Singing, Acting
Farith Taib - Singing, Acting
Nurul Wahub - Hosting, Singing, Acting

Correct as of 8 Feb 2012

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fauzie Laily

Height: 1.73M
Weight: 65kg
Collar: 16.5
Waist: 31cm
Shoes: 8
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Date of Birth: 1987
Nationality: Singaporean

Year Variety Program
2005 Puasa Bazaar Singer
Hari Raya Bazaar Singer
Salam Aidilfitri Singer
Mendaki Singer
Muzika Extravaganza Singer Penang & Singapore
Lime Sonic Bang Singer Lime Magazine
Hanyut Singer MCYS Supported
IKHLAS – TAA Singer Charity Show on Suria
2006 Record Breakers Guest Celeb Kids Central
The Unsangkarable Actor / Singer Comedy
Idola XS Host
2006 Suria Raya Karnival – Raya Gemilang Lead Singer 1st Hari Raya Light Up show.
2007 Tahu Nahu (Childrens Program) Host
2007 Anugerah 2007 Host Suria Talent Comp
2008 Sinar Lebaran Host Singapore Malaysia
2008 FYI Guest Singer
2008 Pesta Pesta Pesta Host Ala MTV Awards @ Suria
2008 K-Nite Singer J-Team on Suria
2008 Suria Raya Karnival – Bazaar Show Host / Singer Week 3
2010 Suria Feista 10 Anniversary - Host

Year Achievement
2005 ANUGERAH – Singing Competition Singer 2nd Runner Up
2006 Debut Single “Selalu” by KRU Music Singer No 1 @ RIA 89.7
Anugerah LIVE IN CONCERT 2006 Singer 5000 Capacity Crowd
Anugerah VCD 2005 Singer Platinum
2007 Fitrah Hazir Lebaran Singer Debut Hari Raya Single
2007 Winner – Best New Actor Actor Pesta Perdana 9

Year Others
2007 Semarak Aidilifitri Singer AMK Gala Dinner
2007 Malay Heritage Singer Ramadhan Month
2006 National Day Parade 06 Host Roving Host
2006 Teman Anugerah Ku Actor / Singer Drama
2005 Anugerah Road Show Concert Singer Orchard Road / Simei
Yuhua Countdown Concert Singer
2005 / 07 Hosted & Performed various shows, events, Health Promotion Board, Singapore Promotion Board, Ministry of Education, Muhammadiyah Childrens Home and Numouroius CC and GRC’s Singer / Host

Year Drama
2007 Rahsia Perkahwinan Lead Actor Suria
2008 Project Cerpen – Warkah Buat Ibu Lead Actor Suria
2008 EN Bloc Supporting Chn 5
2008 Untukmu Lead Actor Suria
2009 Self Titled Debut Single - Izinkan Singer Malaysia - Singapore
2009 Kelentang Kelentung Guest Artiste
2009 Rentak Cilik Host
2009 Anugerah Solo 2009 Host
2009 Anak Adam Actor
2009 K-NITE Singer
2010 Camy & Dee Actor
2011 Remy & Jinhee
2012 Code of Law - Ch 5

Yok Bajet S2, Pirriggin Ramadan

Managed by:
C/O Alex Zulkifli M S
Artist Management Unit
Tel +65 93896026

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Shabir is an acclaimed & prolific singer-songwriter/artiste from Singapore.
He is the winner of the inaugural singing competition Vasantham Star 2005, the talent quest hosted by Mediacorp’s Vasantham Channel.

Shabir remains one of the leading Indian singer-songwriters & music producers in Singapore with a strong fan following in the region having released two albums to date ‘Alaipayuthey’ & ‘TraffiQ’. Shabir also released his latest single titled Urban Quest (Nagara Vaytei) this year.

Shabir is also a multi-faceted artiste who excels in other arts apart from music & singing that includes acting & hosting. He played protagonist as a charismatic Casanova lawyer in the 50 episode series titled “Devathaigal” (Angels) & emceed National Day Parade 2007.

His achievements in the nascent Singapore music industry are commendable as the song Slow Motion from his sophomore album “TraffiQ” was featured in Sun Koh’s highly acclaimed “LUCKY 7” feature film which premiered at the International Film Festival, Rotterdam. The songs of “TraffiQ” have also topped International Radio charts such as THR Ragaa (Malaysia) & TVI Radio (Canada).

Shabir also produced & scored music, Original Sound Track (OST) & supervised audio for the highly acclaimed short independent film ‘Certain Chapters’ that had been the official selection in numerous international & local film festivals including 3rd New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest (NJISACF) 2009, 7th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2009 & 5th Asian Festival of First Films 2009.

He has also created music & wrote songs for major organizations & award winning TV programs such as Iyantra which was nominated for Pradana Vizha 2009 awards, Asian Television Awards 2009 & Akshaya which won Pradana Vizha 2009 Best Children’s Drama along with Courts Megastore advertisement, Active Aging Carnival 2007, Kadir & Kadir Malay drama (Suria), “Singapore OK!”, Tamil Language Council theme songs & KPE Underground Radio project by Land Transport Authority.
Shabir’s previous two (2) music videos are being aired on both regional channels and MTV Asia.

Formally trained and qualified in the areas of Music Production and Audio Engineering 24-year old Shabir has also performed in several national & international events such as National Day Parade 2006/2007, President’s Star Charity 2006/2007 & Flying Songs on Earth 2007 (Guangzhou, China).
He is currently working on his next single which will be in English and scores music for various independent & international TV / film productions.

Title Album/Program Label/Production Year
Natchathiram Natchathiram Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Kathirai Ezhuppu Vasantham Star 2009 Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Nagara Vaytei Single High Breed Media 2009
Kuppusamy Thaatha Kupz & Chockz Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Un Per Solla Un Per Solla Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Mothi Paarkalam Un Per Solla Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Singapoora Pathi Solla Neelaganda Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Ithu Latchiyam! Latchiyam Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Kadir! Kadir! Kadir & Kadir Mediacorp Suria 2009
Athiradi Samayal Athiradi Samayal Mediacorp Vasantham 2009
Starch Buster! Essentially Yours Essentially Yours Singapore 2009
Nagarakavi TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Nagar Isai TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Bedouin Girl TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
!Party Now TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Thottaal TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Vodafone TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Dejavu TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Kathal Poovay TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Urban Poet TraffiQ High Breed Media 2008
Slow Motion Lucky 7 Aquafire TV 2008
Atthiyayam Certain Chapters High Breed Media 2008
Singapore OK! Singapore OK! Mediacorp 5 2008
Dejavu Deepavali mix Mathi Mayangum Mediacorp Vasantham 2008
Halal Foods Halal Foods Halal Foods International 2008
Indraya Virunthu Indraya Virunthu Mediacorp Vasantham 2008
Ulagatthai Suttri Iyantra Mediacorp Vasantham 2008
Neelakkal Vanam Akshaya Mediacorp Vasantham 2007
“Courtsode” Courts Courts Megastore 2007
Deepavali Ghana Vidiya Vidiya Deepavali Mediacorp Vasantham 2007
Alaipayuthey Alaipayuthey Full Moon Productions 2006
N.E.W Alaipayuthey Full Moon Productions 2006
Baby Baby Alaipayuthey Full Moon Productions 2006
Matchakari Alaipayuthey Full Moon Productions 2006
Matchakari Remix Alaipayuthey Full Moon Productions 2006
Serthu Vaithe Asaigal Mediacorp Vasantham 2005

• Rafta Rafta (English Musical)

• Sinda Project GIVE
• Vasantha Vizha (Vasantham Channel’s 1 year Anniversary celebration)
• Vasantham Star 2009 (Guest Performance)
• Pradhana Vizha 2009 (Guest Performance)
• Mediacorp TV 12’s annual trade event

• TraffiQ Audio CD Launch
• Singapore OK!

• National Day Parade 07
• Vivo City’s Family Day event
• Nominee for Most Popular Male Artiste (Pradhana Vizha)
• President’s Star Charity
• Songwriter & talent for Courts Megastore Commercial
• Talent & music composer for Active Aging Carnival
• Flying Songs on Earth (Guangzhou, China)
• Vasantham Star 2007 (Guest Performance)

• New Year Show – Mediacorp Vasantham Central
• National Day Parade 06
• SKML fund raising gala @ Singapore expo
• Jalilo Jymkana Neram
• Gemilang (Guest singer)
• President’s Star Charity
• Miss Vasantham 2006 Grand Finals
• Home Team Academy Concert
• Bandhana 06
• May Day concert @ Padang
• Mediacorp TV 12’s annual trade show @ Ritz-Carlton
• Oli’s Cook Book Launch @ Shangri-La (Guest Performer)

• TAA IKHLAS – Mediacorp Suria
• DeepaMela
• Oli’s DJ Hunt 05 (Guest)
• Mediacorp TV 12’s annual trade show @ intercontinental Hotel

• 50 Episode Tamil Drama “Devathaigal” (Lead role)
• Tamil Drama “Iyantra” (Cameo Villan)
• Tamil Drama “Asaigal” (Lead role)

• “Natchathiram” (Talent Quest on Vasantham)
• National Day Parade
• Guest Celebrity on the Zone FM 91.3
• Oli’s 96.8 “Attagaasam” Program, Hari Raya Special (Guest Celebrity)
• “Hello Vasantham” song request program (18 episodes)
• “Soo Lazat” – Suria (Guest Celebrity)

People’s Association “Youth Got Talent 2009” Singing Competition
Yellow Ribbon Project’s Songwriting Competition